Founded in 2018 in Rochester, NY, This Is The Place specializes in design and decor for homes and small commercial spaces.

We can transform any room to reflect your style. We pair together color schemes, furniture, fabrics, textiles, antiques, lighting, rugs, finishes and accessories to complete each room to fit your needs. We are also equipped to carry out small scale carpentry work including backsplashes, painting, lighting replacement and flooring.

With our client centered and detail-oriented approach, we work to marry your vision into well-edited and functional spaces. We all have distinct tastes and with us, your vision and opinion will always be heard. Interiors tell a story of who inhabits them, and our job is to help you tell yours.

During our initial consultation, we will discuss your ideas, essentials, color palettes, time frame and budget. We will then work together to find the style you most gravitate towards. Since most people have a difficult time putting their style into words, we will review numerous photos and designs to see what your eye is most drawn to. Why? Because a well-loved design begins with a comprehensive understanding of your desires and wishes.

Based in Rochester, NY, we work with clients throughout Monroe County. In some circumstances, we are also able to travel outside of this location.

Together, we will Find Your Place.


Shauna Roman, founder and designer